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Questions have arisen on what employers have to do regarding notifying employees of their health insurance options and whether or not there is a penalty. Per the U.S. Department of Labor there is not a penalty but there is a requirement of any employer that has at least one employee and at least $500,000 in annual revenues.


Your requirement to provide your employees (and new hires) with a written notice about the Health Insurance Marketplace by October 1, 2013. Per the U.S. Department of Labor’s website there is not a penalty for failing to notify employees but you are required to do so if you have at least one employee and at least $500,000 in annual dollar volume of business.


At the following link, you can access two model notices to notify your employees:


One notice is for employers who offer a health plan and one is for employers who do not offer a health plan. Choose which notice applies to you.


For both notices you should fill out the information on page 2 which gives your employee information they will need if they go to the Health Care Marketplace to obtain health insurance.


If you do provide health insurance that notice has an optional page 3 which will help employees understand their health coverage choices.

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